Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas morning

Here's some of what Christmas morning brought us. Here's Bee's finished stage down in the basement playroom.

We added some Christmas lights and her microphone that she got from Grandma and Grandpa. The dress up clothes and costumes are right next to the stage.

Here's Lou excitedly playing with his new blocks. (You can see my sewing room is on the left through the opening. It is so nice for the kids to play and me to get some sewing done.)

Bee checking out the new doll clothes dresser:

Lou with the felt dino island:

Here's how it ended up folding up. I tried a number of different backings and closure methods. Felt loops and a long ribbon were the final choice.

Here's a video of Bee singing on her stage. This is the first performance and she wanted to do it behind the curtain. My sister and I laughed so hard at this video that we thought it would be the best one to share.

I'm off to enjoy a few days with my family. Posting may be hit or miss for a few days.

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grandma said...

I have checked 40 times today for this blog. I will miss you the next few days. Have fun.