Monday, December 14, 2009

We went to santa

We went to Santa this weekend. He happened to be at our old church for Breakfast with Santa(old IN church, not old FL church). Hubby wanted to help out with the fundraiser by working in the kitchen and the kids and I wanted to tag along and see good friends. The men always run the kitchen with this group!
With the time difference, long drive, and Bee having school on Friday, we got in too late for the set up and other festivities on Friday, but we made up for it Saturday morning visiting everybody. We haven't been back for two years and that was for Lou's baptism in the middle of a blizzard. We didn't see many people then, as weather kept a lot of people home. So it had really been three years since we had seen most of our old friends there. Boy, people kids sure grow a lot in three years!

Erin (aka AuntE) and Rob have the coziest home, especially at Christmas time. Lou did some piano playing and Bee played a lot with their little dog Heidi Ho. It's just the two of them (plus the dog), so there were lots of non kid things for the kids to get into. Hubby was sure that they were going to break something pretty much the whole time.

Ice in the church parking lot was very entertaining.

Here are the kids loven on their Aunt E. Hubby and I went to college with Erin and her hubby. I even lived on the same floor as Erin one year in the dorms, but we didn't become friends until we started teaching together. We moved into the same neighborhood and then commuted to school together most days. My last two years there, we taught next door to each other. That was the most fun! The first time we got together as couples, Rob looked at us and said, "You're the bike couple." Hubby and I used to ride our bikes together all over campus. I guess we were the bike couple.

Bee happily sat with Santa for a photo, even though she knew it was Becca and Sami's grandpa in a costume. We don't do the whole 'Santa thing' at our house. Just a personal choice.

Lou only got close enough to grab a candy cane... he didn't care who Grandpa it was.

I met up with my crafty friend, Amanda, and bought some of her dad's honey. She told me that it was the best season yet and it really is wonderful. I just want to keep sticking my finger in for tastes, and I'm not saying that I didn't do that.

After the breakfast, we drove to meet my sister and her boyfriend for lunch. We wanted to go to Smokey Bones, but grr.... it is now an IHOP. We had the boyfriend take some lovely pictures of us for blogging purposes only. Check out who still has the red coat!

He said to act sassy for the next picture.... not sure that's what I would call that.

Act frigid... There was not a lot of acting needed here!

And that was all just Saturday! Hope you had a good weekend too.


grandma said...

The coat looks great. I know you had a great time visiting old friends. Old friends are the best. We just have to let the new friends be around long enough to be old friends.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time. We'll have to get together some time soon.

Love Always,


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