Sunday, December 13, 2009

dress to a skirt- another save for a too small dress

Yesterdays post added wearing time to one of Bee's dresses. Here's another way we've extended the wearing of a too small dress. I bought this last summer at a garage sale for I'm sure 50 cents or so. Bee wore it once or twice and it was really too short on her.

I had it in the donation pile this week and then got an idea. Sorry good will, you can have it later. I just chopped off the top and added a piece of black fabric to have enough material to work with to make a waist band. It was an easy remake from a dress to a skirt.
The top material was calling from the scrap box. Bee needed a shirt to match. I liked the cherries on the skirt best, so I went with that. I just appliqued on some fabric and zig zagged the edges.

Luckily, she loved it. She's hot or miss lately with clothes I make or pick out. This not being pink or having any ponies, ballerinas, or fairies, made the chances unlikely. The pockets may have been it's saving grace.

Lou wanted to join in. I wish he'd wear slippers, it's so cold.


grandma said...

Very cute. It is good that Lou wants to be photographed. The two together are sweet.

Anonymous said...

Cute skirt, and even cuter model.

Love Always,


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