Saturday, December 19, 2009

mostly for the grandparents- Bee's christmas program

Sorry, this post will interest only a few. It's mostly for the grandparents... and my sister and aunts, and the other family members I have guilted into reading my blog everyday. But, If you think little people singing are cute though, there's a video at the end!

Bee had her Christmas performance at preschool this week. Her favorite part was singing on stage. This picture shows her new shoes. I wanted her to wear her black shoes, but she said these make her feel like a queen. I'm not going to get in the way about a girl feeling good in her shoes. Do all queens wear 2$ shoes from the thrift store? (They were brand new silver ballet slipper style shoes and fit her perfectly- I couldn't believe it!)

The kiddos sang us 4 or so songs and signed with them. Bee watched her teachers the whole time and just copied their motions. This was funny for us since we used to do a lot of signing at our house. Most of that died out when Lou started talking though. I should write about signing with little bitty ones some time. I have the cutest video of Bee doing a bunch of signs at about 10 months.
They were so cute and did a nice job. I know that they did a lot of practicing during school, especially since it's been too cold to play on the playground.

Lou was certain that he should get to sing on stage too. Daddy took him up after the show and let him test it out.

Treats in the room were next. Bee got to sit next to her good buddy and we even found a chair for Lou to squeeze in too.

The kids were given the cutest little banks. I have never sent these in the unpainted wood project section of the craft stores, but maybe they are from a mail order place. That probably is the case since they probably made 100 of them. I think they are cute and would make a good class project in the future.

That's a favorite bible verse at our house. I am saying it to the kids so frequently that I've heard Bee say it to Lou when she wants something that he has.

Here's a side view. I suspect that modge podge or something else similar was used to attach the paper to the box.

Bee gave her friends chocolate pretzel wreaths that I'll be sharing here tomorrow.
Here's the promised video:


grandma said...

I have tears in my eyes. Their song is so precious. A nice party. I was surprised that Lou would want to be on stage since he is so shy. I liked Bee's Christmas dress.

Aunt Donna said...

Bee did an excellent job...and looked precious. The shoe story was great. What girl doesn't like a little sparkle?! (Even us grown up girls)

Anonymous said...

I don't have any sparkly shoes, but I bet I would enjoy them.

Love Always,

Unknown said...

Very cute!!!