Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Oh, my sewing world has just expanded. Previously, I avoided projects with zippers, I altered projects to get away from them. I wished I could use them, I wanted to learn, but I was intimidated. This week, I used the zipper that I bought many years ago that was taunting me in the top of my sewing box.

I used this tutorial from Skip to my Lou to make a zippered pouch. Oh zipper, you still perplex me. There has to be a way to make the corners sharper. Maybe it's the thick minky lining I used? The picture makes it look nicer than it is. I will try again.

(I don't usually line my totes like this, by here is a nice tutorial she also has for a lined tote bag. )

For my second try, I used a different, thinner, lining, a re-purposed sheet. Here's a zipper pouch from Mountain Mom Report that I saw recently. I used a combination of this one and the first tutorial. Mountain mom used 'stops' and I like that. This one was better!

The third try used the new method and the minky lining. I actually cut apart the first one and re-made it. It turned out much better! I am not ready to show the whole project... It's gonna get wrapped and put under the tree.

The fourth was the best. I think I have a method I like now and the tricky inside outside out work is making sense. I even was able to figure out how to add a wrist strap and one of my shop tags. This pouch is for me. I think Bee needs one for her makeup lined with a vinyl and Lou needs one to hold the little things Bee is making his for Christmas (coming soon).

Now to figure out how to put a zipper in the back of a dress. My mom says it's easier than a lined pouch. I am excited about all the new possibilities the zipper brings to my sewing repertoire.


Mama King said...

Looks good to me! I think your mom is right. I can put a zipper into a dress but a pouch I don't know if my sewing skills are ready for that.

grandma said...

I am so glad you are attempting the zipper. You sew so well that you will learn quickly. Just practice on two pieces of material sewed together. I think you have started out on something more difficult than a skirt or dress.

Amanda Pedro said...

hearty congratulations to you for stepping to that side. i'm still intimidated!
go zip something. :}

Anonymous said...

Zippers can be our friend!

Love Always,

Aunt Donna said...

I'm impressed! These bags are great looking. Vera Bradley...Watch Out!