Tuesday, December 8, 2009

nature center crafts for Dec

I haven't shared about the crafts and activities from the nature center for awhile. The first week in December we did 'evergreen trees'. We try to make the theme seasonal without being holiday oriented... this gets creative at times. We read these two books:

And made this easy paper craft:

It's just two pieces of paper cut into identical shapes of Christmas or evergreen trees. One pieces gets slit half way from the top down, the other slit half way from the bottom up. Decorate. Slide together.

Here they are on our kitchen table with the advent candle holder and the kids paper wreaths from the library hanging above.

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grandma said...

Very nice projects. I hope you are having a good advent season. I had wanted to go to the Brown Bag noon concerts at the Presbyterian church downtown where Lincoln may have worshiped. I wanted to be busy but I have too many things planned.