Friday, December 11, 2009

First Shoes

My kids didn't wear shoes, not real shoes anyway, for a long time. People were probably starting to talk. Lou had the excuse of FL summer heat. For Bee, I just couldn't stand the thought of her soft little baby foot crammed in a shoe. She did sport some super cute socks by Trumpette. She also wore a lot of felt slippers. Her first pair were from our crafty friend Amanda. Her embroidery is so darling on these, and every pair I've seen that she's made. She sells her booties here under the name 'pods'. (Hoping to be able to link up by the time this is posted...)

When we received the slippers I was pretty sure that I could figure out the pattern, and I did, a lot. Bee had dozens of slippers over the next few months. She learned to walk at 9 months and Amanda suggested that I add some puffy paint on the bottom to make a non slip surface. Here is a cherry pair that I made with some paint of the bottom for grip.

My friend just had a baby girl and I wanted to make up some little slippers for her little one. I had not made any for almost 3 years. I made several pairs up the winter I was pregnant with Lou. Here is a pair for Miss Emma Grace. I wouldn't use button if she was old enough to eat them.

There are cute patterns all over etsy for slippers. These are extra cute. So are these. Oh and these too. I'm spending way too much time looking at slippers that I have no reason to buy.

These may be my new standard baby gift. That and/or the nursing cover. Do you have a standard baby gift you like to give?

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Anonymous said...

Cool slippers. I also like the Christmas decorations from yesterday. I was gone most of yesterday & didn't get to check out your blog.

Love Always,