Monday, December 7, 2009

braided headbands

I said that I would share more about the braided headbands that were part of the girls crafting at Thanksgiving. I really don't have any good photos to add to this since we were all wearing out headbands on Friday when we didn't shower that morning because we were up super early to shop. No one was feeling pretty enough to get in front of the camera.

The hardest part was cutting the strips thin enough (but not too thin that they would break) to make the braids thin. Some of us had multiple tries at this. Other than that, this is a pretty easy project and requires just the tiniest bit of sewing. Here's Bee being super silly with her headband.

Here's a shot I just took this evening. I cut my hair again. Don't tell hubby, he hasn't said anything yet.

Here is the link to Smile and Wave where my sister saw the idea. I was not familiar with that blog, although I am glad my sister sent me over there. She has a cute blog with really nice photography. Recently, she shared the cutest simple holiday activity advent calendar. The girl who wrote that post though is a blogger that I follow, Cakies. She has the sweetest family and it just became one bigger. My sister and I have been 'creeping' her site to be the first to see when the baby came! Creeping is my sisters way of saying we are being super sneaky spies and are pretty much just stalkers... but in a non dangerous, non weird way. [Congratualtions Cakies and family on new baby Soul.]

Had to share this one too. Here's Bee with the envelope of coupons that she clipped for me for Christmas.... Because, "Mommy loves saving money!"


grandma said...

I'm glad she gave you this gift early. Some of the coupons were pretty old and most won't make it til the 26th. I will send more for her to clip with their box even though I don't think they are for things you probably buy but it is a good project for Bee.

Mama King said...

I love it..."super sneaky spies and are pretty much just stalkers... but in a non dangerous, non weird way." I totally get what you mean! I think you may need to trade mark that word! It perfectly describes what we all do!

The headbands are cute btw.