Tuesday, December 22, 2009

reindeer week

I discovered our reindeer week craft, but can't recall the books. One of them was really cute too.... hmm.

Anyway, here's the craft we did two weeks ago at the nature center. I can't have the kids do paint hand prints because we don't have a sink nearby for easy cleanup. We do a lot of tracing of hands though. This reindeer is a foot print for the head and hands for the antlers. Most of the kids that come to our group are 2 and young 3s so this craft worked for them and also, even if their parents help do a lot of the placement of the pieces, at least it's still their hands (and foot). Grandma's love that.

...trying to remember the name of the fiction story I read...

since this is short- here's something cute and funny:

Bee wrote "mom" on a post it note and put it above my bed. I guess she wants to be sure everyone knows that's where mom is to sleep. She also added a heart, which Lou always tells her look like butterflies.


Anonymous said...

cute reindeer

Love Always,


Anonymous said...

What is a heat. I see Meffords on the bed????

grandma said...

Sorry, I'm half asleep it seems. That last comment was from me.

Beth- the mama bee said...

It was heart, not heat....oops

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