Wednesday, December 16, 2009

kid made coasters

Bee had this awful bulletin board on her wall. It was attached by some previous dweller with double stick tape, that thick foamy kind. It was the kind that is just the cork board, no frame. I had hope to remove the pieces of board without tearing them so that they could be reused somewhere else. When I started removing them, they broke in pieces and ripped part of the wall and paint. I plan on painting her room at some point, so that's no biggie. Maybe it will provide motivation.

The board came off in chunks, but some of them were big enough to reuse. I cut them into squares appropriately sized for coaster. The kids painted them with Christmas pictures.

The edges were a little crumbly, so I dipped the edges carefully in some modge podge. That totally seemed to do the trick. I considered sealing the tops too, but that would defeat the purpose of having an absorbent cork coaster.

These were delivered to some dear friends this weekend who I knew would appreciate a handmade gifts from the kids. They have many special little kids in their lives, but they love on our kids like they are the only ones. We all just eat it up.

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Anonymous said...

I love how you repurpose things. You are so creative. I know where you get it.

Love Always,