Thursday, January 28, 2010

felt bag finished- it's about time

After the last bag was done, I started immediately on this knitted one. My Grandma had mentioned that she was looking for a bag to use all winter that was both black and navy. This silly thing has taken me so long (because I have such a short attention span) and I saw at Thanksgiving that she had already bought a new purse. Maybe she can just use this one as a tote when she goes to card club or something. These pieces have been hanging out on my coffee table for far too long. Anyway, it's done.

Here are the wool knitted pieces just prior to the felting. I didn't take measurements or count anything this time. I just went for it. The blue piece and the grey and black piece are pockets to be stitched inside. The flowers and hearts and just some crotchet pieces I wanted to play around with.

Fresh out of the hot washing machine. Two washes and I was happy.

I tried something different with the strap for this bag. It's one long pieces and is just tied in a knot. The strap is laced all the way through, around, and through again.

Does that make sense? Here is an inside picture. Here are the two pockets sewn in too.

I wasn't liking the grey color. I though it was gym sock like. I'm ok with it now though.

I also was pretty happy with the flowers. I sewed the two different flowers together and attached them to my felted purse.

Oh, I do like that. It spruced it up a little.

I already have the wool for the next project. I'm done with the stripes, but getting some different colors with this wool. Isn't this delicious?


Silvergirl said...

that is awesome :0 for sure ur granny will appreciate that :)

Anonymous said...

I am so excited. The purse turned out so pretty. I hope your hand is not injured. I think your flowers on your purse are nice, also.

Jennifer said...

I love it! I finally just felted my first crocheted bag. It was scary...but turned out awesome. I am going to do more as soon as I decide on another color scheme.

grandma said...

Gee, I was so excited, I hit the wrong button. I did not plan to be anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Again you amaze me. I wish guys could carry purses. We are missing out on some cool purses.

Love Always,

Valerie said...

I really like my bag! I had never seen or heard of them before you!

Melissa said...

Beth, do you provide lessons? I want to make one!

Aunt Donna said...

What a great bag! You are so nice to make one for mother. It's a great size and wonderful colors...I know she'll enjoy.

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