Tuesday, January 26, 2010

quilt along- week 1

Week 1 for the quilt-a-long is choosing and preparing the fabric (found here @ I have to say)

Here's what was needed:

For the quilt top: 1/3 yard pieces of 10 different prints (for the rectangles)3-1/3 yards total
2 yards of a solid/neutral fabric (for the squares)
For the binding: One yard of a coordinating print
For the backing: Three yards of a coordinating print
For the batting: Two yards of 90" wide Warm and Natural batting

Here are my fabrics. I did what she recommended, I started with one colorful fabric that I loved (the flowered one- fifth from the left) and started matching from there. She also suggests just grabbing fabrics and narrowing down later. I grabbed 15. I took a few swatches from home because I really wanted to use up at least one or two pieces that I already had. The paisley mustard (number four from the left) and the green flowers in the middle are ones I already had. I chose unbleached muslin for the neutral that she asked for. The blue one that is 6th from the left will also be the binding. I'm getting a little nervous that I'm going to make this all crooked and messed up. This week was easy, lets see what next week holds.

So the assignment for week one is to select the fabric, wash and iron it. Check. So far, so good. next week is cutting... we'll see how that goes.


grandma said...

I'm excited about this project. I like your fabrics. What have you not tried? I know, soap making, but you will some day.

Anonymous said...

I'm joining in also, and looking forward to this (although I'm half-convinced I'll make a royal mess out of it all!)

Sara said...

Cute fabrics! May have to check out the quilt along since it's still early. I need to get motivated to do another, but I really need to use up my fabric stash and not buy more.

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