Saturday, March 20, 2010

Want to go to the park?

We're going to the park- it's the Audubon State Park.
Eat a good breakfast, you'll want to have lots of energy.

There will be dancing at the boat dock.
Sliding on things that are not slides. Ouch.

If you're lucky, there will be a little cuddling.

Plenty of exploring.

If there's a playground, we'll find it.

Swinging of course.

We could bring our fishing poles, or maybe save that for next time.

There's even a 'castle.'

Lou will be our tour guide.

There will be lots of bird watching.

We'll even go inside the turret part of the building.

If all the lady bugs bother you, just smash them? No, Lou!

There's a lot inside the building that you can't photograph, like the art museum and the largest collection of Audubon paintings, artifacts, and prints. When daddy's back is better, we are headed out on their trails. Hopefully no one will afraid of spiders or bears. My scaredy cats have ruined many a hike worrying about spiders and bears. Oh my.


Amanda Pedro said...

bring a spray bottle of bug and bear repellant. just some scented water with a nice label...

Anonymous said...

Amanda has a great idea...It works for me, and if you do finds spiders or bears, just spray them. So far, this has worked better with spiders than bears.

Love Always,

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