Thursday, October 21, 2010

Costume sneek peak

Bee drew and designed her costume herself. She picked out the fabric and stood beside my sewing machine while I sewed it. Jumping. up. and. down. It really came together easily.

She'll tell you, she's not 'Little Mermaid.' She's 'a regular mermaid'... Ariel has red hair. Of course.

Lou scared me when he wanted to be Buzz Lightyear. He says, "Light Buzzyear." A good bloggy friend happened to hear his request and let us borrow her sons costume. I am pretty sure we are going to get it dirty. It doesn't look like it was ever worn outside. I hope I can find one to replace it with!

Where would you wear a nice costume to on a regular ol Wednesday? The grocery store of course. Really.


Jennifer said...

I saw a superhero sibling at my son's baseball game last night! I try to hold off until after halloween festivities to let them wear them to play and go out, just so the costumes survive. One year my son decided to wear his to Applebees for his birthday dinner (his choice of restaurant). So we too our 5 year old Flash out to eat. On Nov 7th. And announced to EVERYONE that it is his birthday and he dressed up for it himself!

BigBearswife said...

aww i love their costumes!!

mommyslittlemonkeys said...

It says it is washable Beth, but I have never tried. I thought the dryer might melt it. The boys wear it all around the house so I'm sure it's been sweat in since it's plastic like. Ebay has them but you won't want to look at what they want for them. ;o) Target had cute jammies last year of buzz lightyear. We are SO glad he loves it and will enjoy being Buzz this year. It looks like it fits perfectly!

Aunt Donna said...

Both costumes and "those in them" are super cute! My children loved wearing their costumes long after Halloween. I remember taking a 5 year old cowboy to see his grandparents in Illinois one spring break. Back then, the airlines didn't even mind him having his cap guns with us.

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