Wednesday, October 27, 2010

crocheted baby hats

Meet my non existent baby. She lovely. She doesn't cry and she sleeps all night. My non-baby is a fine model. Yep, it's pretty much just my hand. I have been making up these cute hats, but don't have a newborn to model. These hats fit a 0-3 month baby. None of those here. The pattern is for a pumpkin or berry hat. I didn't have any of those colors on hand. The pattern is from here.

Use your imagination... it's an acorn...?... on a newborn...?

A pea pod... (it's not really crooked)

I gave this one to a real baby today. Hopefully they'll send a photo soon. Not that my hand isn't a fine model.

I must get some orange and berry colored yarn soon. Then I need other peoples babies to make hats for.


Counting Coconuts said...

Oh are these ever cute! I saw your fabric numbers post and wanted to say thank you for linking back to me. :)

Anonymous said...

The hats are cute. Can you make them without the "stem"?

Love Always,


mommyslittlemonkeys said...

CUTE!!!! Can you make them bigger?

Carole Davids said...

now I know what the red yarn request was for!

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