Sunday, January 23, 2011

do you know this guy

Last year some of my readers helped me identify some birds we were getting at our feeders.  This winter, we have a new guy to identify.  I'm sure they're common, we've have 5 or 6 on our finch feeder.  I'm guessing they are some kind of finch.  He's this little yellow guy.  
I must be google illiterate this week, because I can't seem to find this bird online anywhere.
What do you think?

EDITED TO ADD:  Hate to spoil the fun... my grandma answered in first with a link to a web site that I've used before to identify birds, but could find when I needed it.  It is an American goldfinch, the winter non breeding version.  Makes sense. We didn't get the finch feeder until last spring.  We immediately saw lots of pretty bright yellow guys.  The winter coat is so much is different and not as pretty.  They are probably ready for spring too!

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