Saturday, January 22, 2011

plan B

It was sort of an ah-ha moment when I saw this idea from Four Crazy Kings to turn a Melissa and Doug toy tray into a hanging wall display.  Good thinking.

We had the exact same piece.  I ran to the basement and grabbed it up.  We quickly found a new home for the pieces inside.  They were always falling out anyway.    I took it upstairs and told Bee about the project plans.  She said, "oh, I thought it was one of those drawer thingys."  A drawer thingy... what a good idea.

Bee's desk drawer is now organized.  Good thinking Crazy Kings, good thinking Bee. 


Lots of Fun with My FaMiLy said...

AHH sweet! I just threw one in the recycling pile this a.m now I'm going to have to go grab it and put it to work :)
You guys are some pretty clever ladies.

Mama King said...

Thanks for link! We could definitely use some drawer organization here!

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