Monday, January 17, 2011

Lou and the eye

People have been so sweet here and on facebook concerning Lou's eye injury.  All the prayers are so appreciated.  We had an appointment sunday evening with the eye dr (it's funny to see your doctor in sweat pants) to check for healing.  It takes three adults to hold him down for the exam and the dye to be placed in his eye (which we do in the glasses viewing area since there is a counter for him to lay on).  The exam is traumatic for all of us, but there has been healing.  In the 30 hours since the last visit, the doctor was so impressed by the amount of healing.  Praise the Lord!  Lou seems to be in less pain.  We haven't been giving as much pain medicane.  He can't open either eye yet and it is still very sensitive to touch.   By looking at the healing that has taken place in the past 2 1/2 days, the doctor is hopeful that Lou will be able to open his eyes by early to mid week.  At that point we at least know that he has one good eye.  The other will continue to heal and we'll take it from there.

He hasn't been able to play like normal.  He does seem to like to play the game, "what is it."  sometimes we trick him and add in things that don't belong in the group.  He scoots himself along the floor and uses the different flooring and the walls to get where he wants to go in the house.  He even rode his bike a little sunday.  He did decided that his big boy bike was too dangerous (once he got going to fast and hit the curb) but the old tricycle was much better.  I stand in the street and he follows by voice.  He's a brave guy and just pedals away.  We have monday off from the dr, but will be back Tuesday. 


Anonymous said...

I have checked every hour for your follow up on Sunday's appointment. I do thank God for his progress and will add him to the prayer list at Bible Study Tuesday night. Thanks for the happy video.

gramdma said...

Had a little trouble and didn't notice I didn't have my name on previous comment.

Aunt Donna said...

We have a bottle of Dr. Bronner's soap upstairs with the camping supplies. I had no idea how dangerous it might be. Thanks for the update on Lou. I have been following his injury since the first post. So glad that some of the pain has subsided. You all have been in our thoughts and prayers.

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