Thursday, January 27, 2011

thrifty finds

I'm pretty much in garage sale winter withdrawal.  It's a syndrome.  The kids too.  We did make it out to the thrift store this week. We made several good purchases.

Found a looks-so-stinking-new-I-can't-believe-it Christmas dress for Bee for next year. She spied it and snagged it with her little thrifty ninja paws.  Christmas things were on clearance so this was $2.   We have room to grown in it, so we should be good.

This jacket was on clearance for $1.  I thought maybe that I might use it for the buttons and fabric, but when we got home and I tried it on in front of a mirror, I really liked it.  I may wear it this spring and then cut it up later.

Here's my favorite find.  It's a  rug crochet from plastic bags.  It matches my bag from Kenya.

Lou just wanted to be in the picture.  For $1.50, this will be the perfect thing to cover up the drain hole in the floor of my sewing room.  {Take a peak at these photos, its the black thing on the floor}   Plus, It's comfy to stand on when I iron.   

This sweater was Bee's size and only $1. I figure even if she only wears it 2-3 times or so, it's fun and a good deal.  It was brand new and I couldn't pass it up.

This bag of dinos came just in time for dinosaur day at preschool.  It doubled our home collection. It was just $4.  They all needed a bath, but we took care of that.  The best part was, when I got looking at them I found there was a double set, so it made for a perfect matching game.

This took care of my garage sale withdrawal... for this week.

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I am so proud of you for being a wise and informed consumer.

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