Tuesday, January 25, 2011

adaptaions and the eyes

Hopefully this is the last post I have to do mentioning Lou's injured eyes.  He is doing great and the Dr. says there is no reason for us to even come back in .  He says that mom and dad will have a better idea about his vision than he would probably get from a non cooperative little guy.  I think we're good.

We had to make a few adaptations during his four days of blindness.  Besides sleeping with us because he was scared to be alone, we had do to something about not being about to find the orange tag on his blankey.   I stitched on a button so he could find it.  Problem solved.  Button was removed as soon as his sight returned. 

Bee had to wear her makeup a little darker.  No, seriously, she thinks this is lovely. 

I whispered in Lou's ear how Bee's makeup looked.  Even blind, he knew it was funny.

This was another interesting thing.  He figured out this way of scooting around on his bottom so he could still get around but wouldn't get hurt if he bumped into something.

Goodness, looking back now, just one week later makes me just so completly thankful for his full recovery.


Anonymous said...

We're all glad that Lou can see again.

Love Always,

Aunt Donna said...

Your family went through quite a week...but we're so thankful for this happy ending.

Tammy said...

Yay! I am so glad he has had a full recovery. I can't even imagine the turmoil it brought to the family. Go answers prayers!

Amanda Pedro said...

so good to hear! Amazing how one can adapt to a problem isn't it? the wee ones are quick to find a new way so that things are not in their way.
yeah Lou.

Happy Together said...

I'm a bit behind in my reading, but I'm glad he's doing better! I can't even imagine being that young and going through that. You are an awesome family to be there like that for him!

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