Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's too quiet

I was getting Bee out of the bath when I realized it was entirely too quiet in the house.  I was pretty sure Lou had either taken his clothes off and was hiding somewhere again or had gotten into the plate of cookies I had on top of the fridge.   He likes cookies.  And pop.  He's a climber, it wasn't out of the question.  (Ok, those three links are seriously three of my favorite posts!)

This is where I found him.  Not in trouble at all.  He had climbed inside the empty book basket (we need to get to he library tomorrow) and grabbed a good read off the shelf.  I told you before that the picture of the basket was deceiving, it's a big one.

Bee saw me with the camera so she knew what to do too.

On another note, he almost broke the handle off when I removed him from the basket to get in the tub.  The sweetness was short lived.  Maybe I should have left him in the basket and put him to bed dirty.


Kelly said...

what a swetie!

Aunt Donna said...

What a great picture. I'm so glad he enjoys books!

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