Thursday, January 13, 2011

indoor iceskating on the carpet

At preschool last week we had penguin day.  It was the other teacher in the classroom's day to teach.  She had the kids ice skate on the carpet like penguins slide on the ice.  The kids just stood on wax paper rectangles and slid on the carpet.  I was so fun. I think it would make a lovely work out too, I could feel it in my thighs!  I was very surprise at how easily we slid around.

Lou did this in his room too, but I knew Bee would like it too.  I brought some of the pieces of wax paper home and we took a spin down in our basement that afternoon.  We discovered that the burbar carpet didn't work as well as this large caper remnant in the laundry room that must be 20 years old and is all worn down. 

We skated and skated until we had worn through the wax paper.  At school, the kids kept their shoes on and it worked fine.  Bee and I were both wearing tights when we did this at home and discovered that our feet bottom were slick afterward.  We kept sliding on the linoleum flooring in my sewing room afterward.

While we are talking about penguins.. here's an adorable penguin snack.  I'm not sure this would have gone over well at school, but my kids would love it.  They love olives!

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