Saturday, January 1, 2011

checker board quilt number 2

Here's quilt number two from Christmas.  I haven't shown number one yet, but this one had pictures ready to go.  I made my sister this little bitty quilt.  It's a checkerboard game for her classroom.  There's a lot of winter indoor recess in northern Indiana.

My dad helped me cut out the little wooden disc for the checkers.  I painted them up to match. 

I  picked up this fabric in July, but hadn't decided what to do with it.  I was saving it for the right project.

The back fabric is yellow from Bee's curtains in her nursery.  I've been saving it too. I save too much.  I think it's genetic.

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Counting Coconuts said...

LOVE this! So beautifully made, as are all your creations. Well done! This reminded me that I've seen smaller versions of these used in Montessori classroom as a part of a math learning game.

Anonymous said...

Looks great. glad that it came out so nice.

Love Always,


grandma said...

Yes, we all know why you save things but the nice part is you do find a use for everything. My saved things just gather dust and take up space.

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

I love this idea! The fabric is adorable, and I love the game pieces. I'm a saver, too. It kills me to cut into a beautiful piece of fabric:)

Amanda said...

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Elisabeth said...

What a great idea to give a teacher. It looks pretty, too.


Julie said...

Great idea and wonderful fabric!

Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

What a great idea. You found such cute fabrics, I like you matched the bee on the checkers to the fabric.

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