Sunday, January 9, 2011

grandparent presents

Here are two grandparent presents that I realized that I hadn't shared yet.  This zipper pouch was for grandma.  She volunteers in the spring to do taxes for senior citizens.  She has to pack up a little kit with pencils, a staplers, tape, a calculator, etc.  We thought this would be fun to carry her gear in. 

It has drawings the kids made on the sides.  They drew pictures, I scanned them in the computer then printed on the photo fabric paper that I used for the Thanksgiving wall hanging.   I sewed the printed fabric with the black fabric sort of log cabin quilt style. 

Here was one of Grandpa's presents.  Grandpa loves to color with the kids.  Possible on his own too.  The kids drew lots and lots of drawing that we turned into a coloring book. 

After several examples, they figured out how to draw a picture so that it made for good coloring.  The first several, I had to trace onto another piece of paper with a sharpie to get rid of their coloring work.

We made three copies so that the kids could have their own too.  We got Grandpa's bound at the office store. I stapled the kids together.

Apparently both the reindeer and the angel are full of the holy spirit.

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Mama King said...

I LOVE the coloring book! I am going to remember that idea. Happy New Year!

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