Sunday, January 30, 2011

Baby quilt #1 is done -open window quilt

Seems like boys are the thing to have right now! I have four friends expecting right now and so far 3 of the 4 are boys. The other hasn't found out yet. I started a baby boy quilt and a little pink crocheted blanket (I'm using a slanted shell stitch and can't wait to show finished pictures!) Hopefully that fourth is a girl... or that will have to sit in my closet until a girl comes around.

I pin the squares to my wall as I go... that's what everyone does, right?  I have a solution to this on hubby's to do list.

I showed the fabric here at the beginning of January.   The green fabric was the one I started with.  I had scraps about the size of a fat quarter left from an apron . I really loved it though.  It is little boy, but not to baby.  The blue checkered was a garage sale find pottery barn baby crib sheet.  The red dots was scrap from apron projects, the brown was scrap (can't remember what from) and the stripes was a garage sale find crib skirt.  The white is the flat part of the crib skirt.  I used this spotted squares quilt as my inspiration. 

I love a project this size.  It's a floor or stroller quilt.  Not too big that it takes all winter to make and is hard to get the fabric through my machine.   I'm calling it the Open Window Quilt.   Can I name a pattern....?  I don't know what the rules are.  This quilt is pretty free form as far as the measurement inside the squares go.  Not a lot of rules, I like that.

The back is pretty much pieced as I was using up any left over scraps.  I had the most of the stripes and blue checkered, so it made up the bulk of the back.

The binding is brown, it's the only thing I had enough long pieces of to make the binding. The colors of this quilt directed themselves by what I had available.

I had planned to use the meandering stitch to quilt it, but had lots of trouble getting it to look right.  I think my machine needs a tune up but every time I think of it, another project comes up.

I really like how this turned out. I am going to make up a few other small items to go with it (pacifier clips, diaper and wipe holder, etc) and then call it done.  I am co-hosting the baby shower, so this will let me put a little more time and funds into that.

If I had more fabric to work with, I would have made more squares that had three or more windows too it, but I was scared of running out.

If there is another baby  girl at some point, then I'm hoping to make one that looks something like this.


Melissa said...

LOVE it! I also love the baby girl quilt you linked. Those flowers are adorable. I think you need a backup machine for when yours is in the shop. ;o) Plus it is sometimes nice to have two when you need to do a lot of back and forth thread color changes. Perhaps a relative will decide they are done sewing and pass it onto you. :o) You are welcome to come sew here while yours is in the shop!

tinahead81 said...

great quilt! love the fabric!

Jan said...

I love it! Your fabric choices are perfect!

~The Bargain Babe said...

LOVE this baby quilt!

DANA said...

That is very cute! I need to learn how to quilt! If you have not been by yet, I would love for you to come link up! Every month the best link gets prizes!

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