Wednesday, January 5, 2011

upcomming quilty projects

I have three baby gifts to start thinking about.  I am thinking little quilts, winter makes me think that.  One is due in May, the others in July.  I think they would all be appreciative of a little quilt for the floor for their new little one.  One of the family's home so IKEA sleek and modern, that perhaps  modern duvet covers might be more fitting, than a quilt for their little baby.  Maybe having a tiny little baby will make them more eager for soft and cuddly things.
The May one is the one I'm working on in my mind right now.  It's a boy.  I have some cute greenish fabric with cute little bears diriving cars.  I had some other coordinating fabric on hand that I'm toying with.  The red dots is left over from apron projects.  The colorful stripe fabric is a thrift store find- it was a crib skirt.  The blue gingham was a garage sale find- a crib sheet.  The solid brown is a maybe.  


Here are some pictures I'm using as inspiration. 

wonky squares
spotted squares
drunk love

This family sized quilt is so out of my league, but really pretty.

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