Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My wins

Back before Christmas, Sew Mama Sew was doing their annual group giveaway.  There were hundreds of participating blogs all doing giveaways at the same time.  I meant both this year and last to get involved, but I missed the deadline. I'll be watching much closer this coming year so I don't miss out.  

I didn't totally miss out though, I entered many many of the giveaways myself.  I won something.  Two somethings actually.

I got email telling me I won a bag from Peaceful Peg.  

The front of the bag is the bottom picture, but I love the yellow fabric so much that I have been carrying that side out mostly.  It's a really pretty yellow paisly.  She's from Canada, I probably can't find the fabric here...  I should ask her.  I've been carrying it to school.

Then, I got another email and I won a purse and zipper pouch from JaLaRu.

 It's a good thing that I'm getting over my 'I hate birds' thing.  In fact, the kids and I made a special trip into town to buy bird seed this week when we saw it was on sale.  Both pieces are really well made. The fabric is really unique.  It's not quiet a regular quilting cotton, but not a decor fabric.  It's going to be sturdy fabric for sure.  Bee has taken over the bag, I'm keeping the pouch for myself.  


grandma said...

Lucky you. I like them both. A little hint on feeding the birds. Feed them where you don't mind having weeds. Some of the seeds may sprout undesirable plants. We did enjoy watching the birds on the patio before we began our trips to Florida in winter when they needed to be fed.

Brenda said...

I'm so glad you like them. The bird on the front of the bag was a pillowcase. Never seen another one like it.

Peg said...

Beth - so glad you like the bag, and that the fabric is in colors you like. Enjoy, enjoy - it really was a great group giveaway, wasn't it! Blessings, Peg

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