Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the big tree- work in progress

(Lou eye update at end- Praise the Lord!)

I've had this idea for a tree painting for a long time.  I haven't been able to do it thought because we've rented for the past several houses. The house we did own had textured walls.  Anyway, the new house had a great spot. 

This is the end of the hallway where the bedrroms are.  The bucket is for dirty clothes.  

The tree wall art piece was a gift from my best friend from junior high (and high school and even college roommate).   It's sort of been my inspiration for this painting.  There used to be little picture frames that pinned on the tree.  They got lost in a move years ago.  So my idea is a large tree and then pictures of our family members get attached some how.  

I grabbed some paints that I had on hand and got working.  I penciled a rough draft and sort of went with that.

Here's after the first painting session. 

Then I added the leaves and some depth with adding a second color to the wood.

Next, I need to work on gathering the pictures of each person I want to use. I am not sure how to attach the photos to the wall.  But, this post on Being Grown Up about a tree in a baby's room has given me the idea to use spray mount.  I'll be trying that.

Lou eye update: We have two eyeballs!  He was opening both eyes about halfway yesterday. He seems to see just fine.  We will go back to the doctor in a few days to check the healing and see if we can determine if his vision has been effected.  This is such good news!   Answered prayers for sure.  EDITED TO ADD:   Later in the day, both eyes were fully open and his pain seems to be greatly reduced.  From what mama tests I can do, I would guess his vision is fine.  Happy day!


Kelly said...

so glad to hear about good eyeballs! And I love the tree - what a good idea! may just have to steal that...

Stephen said...

Its amazing and beautiful. very nice idea behind this. i will enjoy seeing how you finish it.rav

Melissa said...

Not sure how spray adhesive works as far as coming off the wall, but you can use heat n bond and fabric on the wall. You just iron the object to the wall and it will peel off without affecting your paint when you are done.

Lots of Fun with My FaMiLy said...

Your tree is beautiful! I can't wait to see what you add to it.

I hope to start paintings in my girls rooms this spring :)

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