Monday, May 17, 2010

my mothers day gift

This is what my wonderful hubby got me this for mothers day. I don't know where to start.

I've never used any versions of this. I loaded it up but can't figure out what to do next. Any help or advice on where or how to get started would be super appreciated.

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Happy Together said...

Congrats! That is the program I use! I love it. I bought a book called "the Photoshop Elements 7 book for digital photographers" by Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski when I bought PE 7 (but we upgraded to PE 8 when we got our new Mac, but I think they have this in the PE 8 book version). That taught me the basics. Then there are a ton of free tutorials, actions, etc. out there. I really like this blog: I use some of her actions. Just scour sites like hers to learn how to do all those cool things you see people do. Hope it helps :)

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