Sunday, May 29, 2011

Funny kids

I'm working away on pictures from Lou's big camp out party, so here's a short for you today. 

Bee's last day of school was Wednesday.  Hubby's parents came into town on Thursday for Lou's party.  

Grandma:  Bee, do you have school today?
Bee:  No, I already quit kindergarten. 

This picture is the last day of kindergarten, right before she 'quit'.  She said she wanted to look 'grown up' this day.  She wore her church shoes to school, that's very grown up.

First day of school... I'm not going to let her grow up anymore. 

Lou and I were playing this game we call the kissing game.  It's basically wrestling and the pin for the win is a kiss on the cheek.   He accidentally touched me right in the chest.  He started laughing and said, "I just touched your overalls."   I guess he doesn't know what overalls are.

I was cutting up watermelon for lunch and giving him cut pieces.  He was getting mad about the way I was cutting.  He said, "I want to eat it like regular kids!"  Apparently 'regular kids' eat it like a big slice where you get in in your hair.

I won't let him grow up anymore either.

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