Wednesday, May 4, 2011

random stuff and then some

Bee, for the past 6 weeks has been dry at night!  It's cause to celebrate!  The dr. (and all my friends' doctors, who I consulted through those friends) all agreed I should not to worry about it.  Some kids are older when it happens.  Bee is almost 6, so I've been sort of fretting about it.  Here is what I did:  The kids used to wear cloth diapers as babies.  I bought preschooler sized big fluffy cloth diapers.  I made her wear those to bed.  They were super big and puffy under her jammies.  She didn't really care for them, she woke up wet the first two nights, then stayed dry the next five.  We lost the diapers after that and she's done fine!  There was a celebration that involved the Chuck E Cheese.

I beat super mario brothers on Bee's DS.  I don't care to talk anymore about my recent waste of time.  Aren't you glad you are taking the time to read this.

I was on the news the other night.  I looked slightly like a goon.  We were all out riding our bikes in a local church parking lot and the news van pulled in.  They asked a few questions about the local tornado sirens.  I had intelligent answers.  Then they pulled the camera out.  I'm pretty sure I made no sense.   At least I was wearing make up and was still on my work clothes and not the yoga pants I usually throw on after school.    Lou was embarrassed because he had on his bike helmet but you couldn't even see his bike.

We recently switched from a gas grill to charcoal.  Man, I didn't know what I was missing.  Seriously good cook'en!  We'll never go back!  I even lit it myself this evening successfully.

Hubby has asked me to please abandon the homemade laundry soap.  He begged me to purchase something.  He wants clean clothes and just wasn't feeling it with my homemade stuff.  I have agreed.  I've been trying something new, something store bought.  We'll see if he feels fresher.

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