Friday, May 27, 2011

simple fix=happy mama

My sweet hubby had a great find a yard sale this past weekend.  For free, he picked up two pieces of pretty counter top.  Right after we got home, he went right to work installing them in the garage.  He'd be really wanting to set up some kind of work bench in the garage and now he had a one, a pretty one.  That freed up a piece of good size piece of wood that I also had be eying for a project for me.  He had planned on using a scrap from this kids stage project for his work bench, but I was all too happy to get my hands on it. 

Here's my sewing space with my new fix.  I now have a great space for laying projects out and big enough for my cutting mat.   The sink area (while great when the kids and I paint) was a wasted top space.  I didn't want to pull out the sink, but I wanted it more usable for sure.

The big piece of wood was cut to fit the top plus hang out a few inches to accommodate my cutting mat.  Hubby cut out a notch for the sink faucets and this simple project was done leaving one happy mama. 

I also finally hung something on the wall behind the sink (although you can still see through this current fabric- leftover from Bee's dress)  See what's back there?  It's the fuse box.  The curtain hangs out an inch and a half or so, so the fabric isn't laying right on the box.  It's probably still a fire hazard...

I've been doing a lot of cutting lately for a new project (my ADD kicking in again).  Happily, I will not be cutting on the floor anymore!  Here are four blocks done of a spider web and star pattern.  Maybe for a quilt, probably for a smaller project.  I do love using us these small pieces of favorite fabrics from other projects. 

Hubby has been asking me every day if I've shown his new work bench here.  I guess I'll have to take some pictures and show off his free counter top find.

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