Wednesday, May 18, 2011

shop local

I don't know much about the group that organizes this, but I like the idea.  I did research it just a tad, and think it probably OK for me to endorse. {You know how sometimes there is a decent idea but then the group that created it is not really one you'd like to endorse.... I don't think that's the case here}

So, the numbers are based on a month, but I did it in a week.  I don't know if all weeks will be like that. Here are the local shops I spent my time and money with this week:

Our local CSA farm family- it was time to sign up for another year, which means they've been in the CSA business exactly 1 year.
The local butcher shop (our meat CSA does not have hotdogs or deli meat) which has been family owned since 1983
This independentaly owned ink refill shop near us
Food co-op downtown- not sure if this counts, it's community member owned, so I guess it works 
A local sewing shop-  it's been in town and family owned since 1956- my machine is in for repairs!

What local shops can you support this week or month?

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