Sunday, May 15, 2011


This weekend the kids and I went rummaging.  Hubby tried to get a turkey, so he missed out.  

Here are Bee's purchases.  She spent her $1.00 all in one spot.  50 cents for a doll that I'll throw in the next garage sale and 50 cents for a pretty cool bracelet kit.   She earned her money by doing chores.  I limit her spending to $1.00 though no matter how much she earned that week  (unless it's something cool!).  We've decided that Saturday chore payday works better than Sunday.

Lou spent only 50 cents.  He bought a tiger in a build-a-bear outfit. I won't usually buy stuffed animals at garage sales, but he really wanted the outfit for his bear.

I bought this battleship game for the kids.  It was marked at $2, but we only paid $1.  I had the kids walk up with the game and ask for a lower price.  No one can turn down two sweeties offering to pay with their own hard earned money.  The kids are pretending the games are their laptops.

Here are my purchases.  $1.75, big spender.  I bought a few yards of this loud flowered fabric.  I'm thinking pencil skirt.  The baggie of the wooden Easter pieces will be for a game for school.  I have plans for the bag of spoons.  I've been looking for a bag of spoons.  At this garage sale there were three gallon zip lock bags of spoons. 

I came right home and messed around with a few spoons.  This is what I'm working on:  plant markers.  Turns out it's trickier than I thought.

It's hard to get the letters deep enough to show up well.  I messed around with several and each spoon has been different.  I'll keep working on it.

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Kim Monaco said...

Very cute idea with the spoons.
Love it.

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