Tuesday, May 24, 2011

jacket remake

I feel silly posting pictures of myself like this, but I was really love how this jacket came out, so I'll do it. I was totally inspired by Meridith at Yours Mine and Ours (Here's her jacket fix). She's a freepiler and thrift store shopper who loves to remake and re-purpose outfits like crazy.  I wouldn't be able to pull off some of her cute pieced together outfits, but I love seeing what she comes up with .

In true Meridith style, this jacket was freepiled.  It was in a pile of clothes at work that someone just wanted to give away.  free.  from a pile.  freepiled.   It's a nicer brand than I normally buy (all of the clothes were- it was wonderful!) but I loved the fabric and buttons and thought I'd do something to make it fit better.

I chopped off the sleeves and kept the cuff part.  The buttoned cuffs were too cute to discard.  I took in the sides and sleeves and reattached the cuff at midarm.  I toyed with shorting it, but I wanted the length so it would work at school.   I used the scrap from the sleeve fix to make a belt and two belt loops.

I added a little fabric flower brooch. I made it on Sunday before church while I was supposed to be eating breakfast.  I had glue on red beads in the middle, but ripped them off on the way to church.  I like it better plain.

Bee agreed to be my camera gal.

The sleeve length was nice but the belt was my favorite change.

Alright, give me back the camera silly Bee.

The jacket that sat on the floor of my closet for 2 months has finally been remade and I love it!  It's time to celebrate.

(Bee loves picking all the petals off my roses.)

Celebrate!  (Oh my goodness, isn't she sweet!)


jess_hak said...

Love it. I think the belt is my favorite addition too. Great job....I wish I had one ounce of you talent! :)

Meredith said...

It turned out awesome!! You rock!

Happy Together said...

Great remake!

Amanda Pedro said...

great job, looks good on you.

Mona "Lisa" said...

Love the jacket! Great job!! You are so talented! I want to be able to take in clothes like that but am scared! :)

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