Tuesday, May 31, 2011

a teacher thank you

Bee had great teachers this year.   We needed to make them up some little thank yous.  We noticed at Young Authors Night that one of her teachers had the same camera as we do and she was wearing the original camera strap -as is.  Poor girl.  Bee chose purple since it's her teachers favorite color.  I added some vintage buttons and rolled flowers.  They seem to be making their way onto everything these days.

Purple camera strap.

The other teacher got a zipper pouch.  She's a mama of a couple young ones and I figure her purse needs as much additional organization as mine. 

Again, buttons from my collection and rolled flowers. 

I threw them in some of Lou's clear favor bags since I am all out of small gift bags. Bee and I added tags with thank you notes written on them.  

I'm pretty sure you can never thank a teacher enough.  

This picture is from Young Authors Night and they had laid out a red towel for the red carpet and had gold curtains in the doorway.  It's was very fancy.

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