Sunday, May 22, 2011

a thank you

I made up this little zipper pouch as a thank you to a friend.  She is the older sister of one of Bee's classmates (the boy she wants to marry) and has passed down piles of adorable hair accessories.  Bee was thrilled.   I used my regular plan for making a lined zipper pouch and added a ruffle to the top layer of fabric before sewing it up. 

I also added three little rolled flowers, mostly because the ruffle was crooked and now you really can't tell.  This is the first time I've made fabric flowers in this style and they worked out really well for sewing with machine directly onto the fabric.  (My sewing machine is back from repair and is a much happier machine.  She's so quiet and peaceful to work with).

I went to find a gift bag and didn't find anything small enough on hand.  I have a stash of paper bags I've been saving up.  They are thinner than grocery sack and delightful to work with .

I sewed the sides and used a slightly different looking stitch on my my machine to sew around the edges.

The top was folded over and two hole punches later and we were in business.  I sure hope this friend knows how much we appreciate her generosity.  The girls could very well be sisters (in-law) some day!

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Cute bag

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