Saturday, June 11, 2011

My sunny 241 bag

A few days ago, I showed this picture of some cloth napkins I picked up at a garage sale.   I loved the sunny happy quality of the orange and yellow flowers.  I immediately thought of a bag I'd seen online and wondered if there was enough fabric there to make it. 

This is the 241 tote bag from noodlehead.  It was a nice pattern to work with and was well written with nice pictures to follow. The floral fabric is made from 3 1/2 cloth napkins and the yellow fabric is a piece my grandma sent me home with last week. The pattern calls for an interfacing, but both the napkins and the yellow fabric were a little thicker so I went without.  They did fine without the interfacing.  I added two pockets to the inside.  Next time I use this pattern, I'll add 4.  I like a little bag with my pockets.

I added 1 vintage yellow button from my collection but have since added 2 more.  I love playing in my button jar.  I'm not sure about all three of them on there, but I'm leaving it for now.

Keeping it real:  most of the time my bag sits on the white bench just inside our door.... on top of a letter to be mailed, a newspaper article I wanted to mail to my brother that's been there for 3 months, a trail map from the nature center and a library book that's 2 days overdue.

I had such a giggle when I shared the picture of the cloth napkins originally.  I said that I had already made something really fun and summery out of it.  One of my sweet and funny readers and new blog friend Jess-hak commented:  "Love the orange and yellow fabric, you should post what you made out of it....unless it's inappropriate ;)"    Oh my I giggled all evening.  I'm not sure what she envisioned that I could have made out of it.  That made me giggle even more. Well Jess, I hope you find my bag fun and summery and totally appropriate.


grandma said...

I like the purse. I agree with pockets. Would you like my large kangaroo to insert in your bags so you don't have to do a lot of changing. I am enjoying the small one that comes with the larger one. Quick to change purses.

Sher said...

Love the purse! I've made myself quite a few and I always like to add extra pockets as well.

You've just put me in the mood to make a new purse! And a bright and colorful one!

jess_hak said...

Oh this is such a fun purse! I love it orange and yellow make me smile.

Glad you had some giggles. I was giggling when I commented. :) I am in no way, shape or form handy with a needle, thread, or fabric. So all I could think was...3 napkins...what could possibly be made from such little fabric. lol :) You are really, very talented.

AND thanks for calling me your blog friend. You're my first one.

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