Tuesday, July 19, 2011

truck show

I would never have pictured myself at a monster truck show. Not so much.  As the mama of a little man who is very boy, I've been surprised at the things I've learned about and the places I've ended up!  I know more about transformers, hot-wheel tracks, and superheros than I thought possible.

So we ended up at a truck show.  It was very last minute, but a pretty cool experience.  Unfortunately we only had one pair of earplugs.  Live and learn.

Who needs earplugs when you've got your daddy.

It was pretty neat.  Loud, dusty and hot, but pretty cool.

So this kid travels the truck show circuit.  He just turned 8.  He has a mini truck, just like the big ones, but build for a kid.

Can you imagine letting your kid ride around on the track, making the jumps, getting air like this?

We went with some friends and I didn't end up with any pictures of the group of us.  I also didn't take many pictures of Bee's birthday party which was this same morning.  Goodness.

I think this was the hometown guy (below).  He busted up something in the wheel area later and couldn't come back out.  See the couple in the bottom rows down there.  He's in a white t-shirt with like a golden fancy cross on the back and she is sitting down next to him in stripes.  They got engaged during intermission.  They got to go on a ride on one of the trucks during intermission and then he proposed right there in front of everybody right out on the course.  Nothing say's love like a monster truck show!

There were bikers, which I thought was more impressive than the trucks.  Plus, they weren't very loud.

Seriously, what makes someone decide to try this the first time?

Out to breakfast with daddy in the morning, company over and a swim party in the afternoon, and a monster truck show that lasted until almost 10:00.  They were bound to fall asleep on the way home.

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Sparkling said...

That's so redneck, getting engaged at the Monster Truck show. And it's sooooo something k-ster would do. And I. Would. DIE.

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