Wednesday, September 30, 2009

felt project preview- dinosaur island

I'm workin on a new felt project for Lou for Christmas. Felt handwork is such a nice project for the car and traveling. The numerous hours needed for detail work just don't matter when you're stuck in the passenger seat anyway. Last Thanksgiving I made this mail set. I made this felt dessert set last winter.

I was going to call this new project 'Dinosaur Island' but Lou might play with his Diego animals on it too, so I think we'll just call it volcano island. I don't want him to feel limited as it's supposed to be an open play activity. I am not done, but here are some sneak peek photos. Boy, it was hard to photograph the felt in the poorly lit bedroom I was hiding in to take pictures.


Anonymous said...

I sent the picture of Luke getting fruit from the fridge to the lady that sent the apple slices. Last night she brought me two 8 x 10 pictures she made on Kodak paper. One is black and white. gma

Anonymous said...

Very cool!

Love Always,

Mama King said...

WOW! I love all the detail! It is amazing. My Lu would absolutely love this!

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