Monday, May 11, 2009

It's tea time... finally

So back in late January, a friend told me that she was having a tea party themed birthday party for her daughters third birthday. I knew the perfect thing for us to make for a gift. I forgot her birthday was not until May, so I got right to work. I had this adorable little felt dessert set done in just a few days, using mostly bath time and evening TV time to work on it. I am in love with the way they all turned out. I thought I might make a set for my kids for valentines day, but it never happened. We get it out every once in awhile to play with and then carefully wrap them all back up and put them back in the gift bag. I guess now, we'll just have to go over to this friends house to play with them.

I think the cherry pie is my favorite! Now we finally get to give them as a gift now and I can't wait to get all dressed up for tea!

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Anonymous said...

Those are so cute! Love them!

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