Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy birthday to me

Saturday was my birthday. I went out and spent my birthday money on a new pair of running shoes. I spent more on these shoes than I've ever spent on a pair of shoes before. I never even try on shoes this nice. In these shoes, it's like I'm running on clouds. OK, it's not really that great- but I do like them. I don't really have big feet, although this picture makes them seem huge. I have scrawny ankles. Pasty white scrawny ankles.

I also picked up a new bird feeder. I hate birds, but we have really gotten into watching them feed in the back yard. The birds and I have a gentleman's agreement. I buy sunflower seeds and they agree not to die in my yard or land on my toes when I lay in the hammock. So far, so good. Not 15 minutes after I hung it up, we had several tufted titmouse (would the plural be titmice?) and chickadees visit to feed. I'll have to add the tufted titmouse to our bird book. We've never seen one at our house, just at the nature center.

Look what else arrived today. I won a giveaway at Max and Ellie last week. How fun is this book! I have a few projects I need to finish up this weekend, and then I have some new ones from this book to get started on. Thanks Melissa!


grandma said...

The shoes look good on you. I don't see a problem with your ankles. I hope you were not the only person to say Happy Birthday. You were my very first Grandchild. God blessed me when your parents were sent to live in our town. I never thought I would live close to a grandchild.

Anonymous said...

I hope you had a great birthday. I can't believe that you're 30. That means I'm...oh my gosh, I better go get dressed.

Love Always,


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