Thursday, April 1, 2010

stealing? I think not.... it's recycling (and a grilling recipe)

Hubby just shakes his head when I come back from the recycling place. People generally come home empty handed. They take things, they don't bring them home. I on the other hand get a little giddy on recycling day. They have a huge container full of magazines. I pick through and select a few gems that I might read. I also, of course, take our pre-sorted cardboard, newspaper, and general junk mail.

I like having a few good magazines for guests to thumb through, and this is a great way to keep a good supply on hand. When I'm done, I take them to the gym and leave them in the magazine case. Cooking magazines make for great work out reading material! You've gotta remind yourself why you're there!

Here an easy recipe that I tore out from one of the magazines. I can't remember what magazine it was though.

Grilled Ranch Steak
thin sirloin steak
ranch dressing (a regular old bottle, not the envelope- unless of course you make it up like the bottle stuff)
red potatoes

-Place wooden skewers in water and soak them to prevent burning while grilling. Clean and cut red potatoes in large chunks- or don't cut at all if they are small creamer potatoes. Trim up steak a little and cut steak in 1 inch or so strips. String meat and potatoes on skewers. The pretty picture in the magazine had them like layered- like piece of meat, potatoes, next spot of meat folded up, potato, top edge of meat. It doesn't really matter, just get it all on there. Place them in a 9x13 with loads of ranch dressing. Get them all covered and slathered. Grill until meat is done. I think it took about 15 minutes. If you forget about your grilling and talk to the neighbors until you fear you've burnt everything- it's probably OK too. It's good to have nice neighbors.

While you have the skewers out, why not string up some fruit. Yum! Another fun fruit on a stick project coming soon. Bee has leader day again next week- do you think the kids will poke themselves?

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