Tuesday, April 13, 2010

garage sale finds

Bee and Lou woke up Saturday ready to garage sale. We live just off of a great road. There are many neighborhoods off of this road. We don't have to research where to go, we just head out.

Lou bought a board game for $1 and a bag of golf balls. He only had one dollar. He sometimes goes to pay for something and gets it for free since he's so cute. That was the case with the golf balls. I paid for his shoes- which he calls his hiking boots. They were $2.

Bee's $1 went a long way. She's good with money, as you know. Rabbit stuffed animal- 25 cents, purse- 25 cents, doll- 25 cents, crown- free, Christmas girl bell- free, pink sequin lipstick case- free. We are going to have to have a garage sale ourselves just to off load some of Bee's many purchases.

Here are my finds. Teapot 2$, rose table runner 10 cents, embroidered pillow case 25 cents. The best find of the day might have been a pair of Lou's favorite pants in the next size up, not pictured. Cameo cargo pants from Children's Place in a 3T for 25 cents. Score.

Currently in love with the tea pot.

Also in love with all the blooming things in my yard.


Anonymous said...

You and the kids make me proud!

Love Always,

grandma said...

I have been thinking that I should have you look for something I am wanting but can't find. Today with the yard sale info I can't remember what it is. I must need it badly.

Lori said...

I do love me a good yard sale. Nice swag! I love the teapot and the pillow case. Used to take my kiddos and they had a ball with $1. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello dear friend,
I need to come down and visit so, I can go to camp Beth and learn to sew. I thought I would stop by and see what you have been up to since you are not adding photos any more to the other site ;) . Take care Mother of the Year! Talk to you soon!
<3 ya,
Lori D.

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