Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter pics

Here are my lovelies in their Easter outfits. Bee had an Easter party at school this past week and she wanted to dress up. Lou was willing and I wasn't going to pass a chance to dress him up. He's getting so particular about what he wears. Mostly it's an Alex shirt or a way to small basketball t-shirt.

They just love each other so much. They are still planning a winter wedding. They really don't get it why siblings can't marry. Someday I might use it as blackmail. A lot of days they'll just go play together in one of their bedrooms and randomly we'll here one of them say, "Bee, I just love you." They're sweet.

Pretty sure I'm going to eat them up!

I did not make a single thing they are wearing, though I had planned to. I found Bee's dress at a consignment shop for $6 and Lou's at a mom-to-mom sale for $4. I couldn't have made anything for that amount. Lou's shoes are brand new (guess you can't see them- they are white K-Swiss) and also came from the sale for $5. Bee's sweater and shoes were a last minute run to Kohl's as last years sweater and shoes are officially retired. It's was about time. The sweater was even from two years ago.
Happy Easter!


Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I have some great kids & so do you. Happy Easter.

Love Always,


grandma said...

Very precious. I hope they always enjoy being together and will live close enough to be able to spend time together.

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