Sunday, April 18, 2010

garden skirt

So, I'm sure I looked like a goon this evening trying to photograph myself in my backyard without making it look like I was trying to photograph myself. All of our neighbors were out and although I enjoy them tremendously, I prefer not to have an audience when I'm trying to photograph myself. I just end up looking like a goon. Or a vogue fashion model. OK, maybe not.

Anyway, I was trying to take a picture of this new skirt that I made yesterday evening. I had a huge order that needed to go out this morning, so of course, I made a skirt first. The order did make it out and I had a new skirt to wear today, so all ended well.

I picked up the jersey knit on clearance at Joanns months ago and the nice spring weather finally motivated me to get it made up. No sense in having a fun new summer skirt in the dead of winter. I'm calling it the garden skirt because I've been spending so much time in the garden the last few days and it's the green color of all the goof stuff starting to grow in there.

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Wic said...

you are cute. and the skirt is adorable. If only I would not look so horrible in skirts.

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