Saturday, April 17, 2010

kitchen blahs

I have plans for the kitchen. Big plans. Unfortunately, my friend Dave Ramsey says they are future plans. Very far in the future plans. It's a tiny kitchen, especially in comparison to the size of the rest of the house. It's also laid out so awkwardly. You have to think skinny thoughts as you walk in . The fridge is so close to the cabinet/counter peninsula. I have new pretty white cabinets picked out in a whole new layout. We have a number of additional outlets planned. Who ever heard of a kitchen with 2 outlets? One for the fridge (on the right), and one extra (on the left). Seriously, who planned that out? We have to alternate small appliance on the counter. Hubby's coffee maker got the outlet this day.

This white tile is not cool either. It shows dirt like nothing. I have to mop daily. Who does that?

I can't wait to replace this guy. We do believe he's original. We call him Jr. He is junior sized. I sometimes borrow the neighbors oven. They must think I cook Thanksgiving dinner once a month... they have no idea we just have a junior sized oven.

So those are long range plans. We can manage until then. I am thinking that the lighting fixture would be a simple change that could be worked in the budget. Hubby and I have installed some of our own light fixtures in the past and we fared pretty well. The current light fixture placement wouldn't change in my new 'plans,' so I'm thinking it's a go! I'm looking at this one below.
Or maybe this, or this.

This kitchen (mostly this cook) is getting a little treat soon. I can't wait to tell you all about this new product I'm getting to review. It's also been on my wish list for some time now.

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grandma said...

The fixtures are all pretty. I learned a lesson that I would look for except pretty. They must also be easy to clean. Several of mine are very difficult to almost impossible. I really think other outlets could be installed without must trouble.

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