Thursday, April 8, 2010

guest post- book holder

Have you met my guest blogger yet? If you've been around here much, I'm sure you've read about her. She is very artistic and super talented in a number of ways. If you ask her what she's good at she says it's "climbing trees and keeping my room clean." I've seen her room... I would have to disagree.

Here's our guest for the day. Her name is Bee and she's 4. She likes princesses, jumping, and fancy jewelry. She is excited about kindergarten (which isn't for months) and says she's ready for her own etsy shop. She is mine and rather clever.

She was pretty proud of herself recently when she came up with a clever idea for holding your spot in a book if you can't find a bookmark. She showed me and then said, "I bet some people online would like to know about this. Can I put it on your blog?"

She came up with this in the car one day when she didn't have a book mark. She explains how it works: "You just open you book and lay it on your lap.

Then, you find another book and also open it.

Fold your book over the other one and there you go."

Cleverness from a 4 year old.

She is sharing a craft project on here soon. It's also pretty neat. In the meanwhile, here is a recent flower picture that she painted for me. It's my favorite so far.


grandma said...

What a clever girl. The picture is very good. I had guessed your guest to be Chris.

Anonymous said...

I also didn't guess Bee would be the guest blogger. Clever idea for a bookmark. I think you should scan the painting. I would buy a print.

We are going to Wisconsin tomorrow for three days. I will miss your blog but will certainly have a great time on Monday with several blogs to read all at once.

Love Always,


Lesia said...

hannah - What a good idea. I will try this next time i need a bok mark. The picture is great. I have the perfect place to display an origional (hint, hint!)

Amanda Pedro said...

Hey Bee, what a great idea! I'll have to use it sometime. Thanks for your inspiration!

Carole Davids said...

Cant wait to see what crafty things she has come up with, wink wink;) Cant wait to see them listed in your shop!

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