Sunday, April 11, 2010

2 computer questions- possibly a 3rd

Here's the computer question first, 2 questions actually:
I had this previously mentioned virus...(insert the drama and much swearing) anyway, we have now upgraded to windows 7. When I type anything: text in Word, a comment on someones blog, text in my own blog, etc, every few lines I notice that it had skipped me up to previous lines and inserted the typing randomly mid word somewhere else. There is no rhyme or reason as far as I can tell. It goes from mid word in the current sentence to mid word somewhere else. It's super annoying and time consuming to keep an eye on it and fix it when it happens. I am not touching any other buttons or the touch pad.... it just does it. Secondly, I used to use windows photo gallery to edit my pictures. I don't do fancy editing, I just crop and such. The new windows 7 photo gallery does not have a cropping feature that I can see. It is also frustrating. They probably removed it since most people who take lots of pics buy fancy photo editing software. I just crop, there is no reason for a several hundred dollar piece of software. Any ideas?

Anyway, since I am not messing with recent photos, here are some old random pictures from March sitting around.

My quilt is getting much use. We all had nasty colds in March and it got loved (and coughed) on just tons.
Bee is teaching Lou to read. Hopefully he is a good student. -Bee is only pretending to read this book to him, although she probably does know most words by heart. She is actually reading some word families, but not so much in context yet. We are hitting it hard this summer.

Lou is just cute and I thought these pictures were fun. If you are related to me, here's a third question today. Does anyone know the story behind these boxing gloves? I realized recently that I am so much like Bee in that I randomly take things from my mom and think they belong to me. I take antiques and Bee takes jewelry. What's yours is mine,right?

So, somehow I acquired these gloves (by no fault of my own) and don't know the story. They have hung on our coat rack or a nearby door knob for years.

They are certainly a conversation piece. If I can't find the real story, lets make one up. Was there a champion fighter in our family. I'm thinking an immigrant trying to find the American dream. Wait, was that a movie?

If boxing doesn't work out for Lou, he and Bee have this music side gig going.

They are rocking out on the Christmas stage. Lou is finally fitting better into the cords I made last fall.

Thank you in advance if you can answer any of the computer questions, the boxing glove questions, or perhaps have a story I should tell about the gloves!


Lesia said...

I am ashamed to say I can't remember where they came from. I think they were your dad's -- if not then from grandpa M. If they were from grandpa who knows where they came from - probably a rummage somewhere.

Lisa said...

I had similar issues with ie 7, have you tried firefox? I was a loyal ie user, but Firefox is SO much better!

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