Friday, April 23, 2010

This does not apply- Fabric pictures

Here's a post that applies to about four people... literally. Most of my computer problems are fixed... still remaining is my lack of ability to crop pictures. I am working on a solution. I have four custom orders I am working on where I need to share pictures of fabrics. With Etsy, you have to crop your pictures down so much it's a little crazy. I can't do it. So, for the four of you waiting to see some fabric pictures, here they are.... for others, normal posts returning tomorrow.


Mari-Ann- Here's the food related fabrics I have on hand... will be taking some more pictures for you tomorrow at the fabric store too.

Angela- here's a bunch of fabrics to look at.


yellow and oranges:







Suzie- Here are some boy fabrics you asked to see.


Amanda A. said...

This totally did not apply to me but i looked anyway. WHAT A STASH. love it. i'm still feeling bad for you about the lost chicken dinner and the bridal shower stuff is so cute. you are a rock star. with a sewing machine to boot!

Anonymous said...

I guess I am not one of the four people either. Realizing this I feel like a stalker for looking any way.

Have a great day-

Love Always,


Mari-Ann said...

Thank you so much for posting these! I'm excited to see what you find at the fabric store, but in any event I really like the strawberries/kiwi fabric and the lemons could work just fine, too. :)

Counting Coconuts

Jennifer Juniper said...

Doesn't that drive you crazy with the cropping thing on Etsy?!? I have to take my pics from far away then crop them in. I usually try to get their email and do it that way.

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